This release introduces a new management plane for Mizar, designed and developed from the ground up. The design relies on extensibility features in Kubernetes including Custom Resource Definitions and Operators. Mizar Management Plane has several objectives:

  1. Replace Kubeproxy with the scaled endpoint
  2. Improve Mizar usability and deployability
  3. Improve Mizar control-plane and data-plane Interfacing and workflow
  4. Facilitate end-to-end testing, validation, and performance benchmarks
  5. Extensibility to support other data-plane technologies, including ebpf, OVS, and host-networking.

Breaking Changes

This release does not involve breaking changes to existing integrations.

Data Plane

  • Update kernel requirement to 5.6-rc2
  • Minor Unit test fix bdfc1f9
  • Direct path for cross network traffic b5283a1

Mizar Management plane

  • Mizar objects with Custom Resource Defintions
  • VPC, Net, Endpoint, Bouncer, Divider and Operators, Main Commits: 644d0fa, 21a43c3, 8934e26
  • Built-in Operators for K8s Pods and Services, Main Commits: 42abe77
  • Basic Bouncer and Divider Placement, Main Commits: f12eb3b
  • Simple manual scaling workflows for bouncers and dividers, Main Commits: 5b7c325, 354dda1

  • Replaces KubeProxy for Loadbalancer type with scaled-endpoint, Main Commits: 42abe77

  • Generic CNI RPC Interface for transit daemon, Main Commits: ffa7e6a
  • Endpoint host management with Netlink, Main Commits: 5b46462


  • New documentation readthedocs page
    • Detailed data-plane design
    • Detailed management-plane design
    • Improvement in getting started guide to using the new management plane