This architecture is extensible to derive other data-plane systems and is compatible with existing cloud networking solutions (particularly neutron). For example, if we would like to introduce a L2 ovs that is responsible for managing a network overlay, we shall introduce a new object (e.g. L2Agent), and a new operator (L2Operator). The L2Agent object will have multiple states to provision OVS on each host. The L2Operator will be responsible for mutating the state of existing objects using its knowledge about the current state of an OVS switch on the host and the requriment of the mutated object and also program OVS through direct RPC interface exposed by the transitd. For example when an endpoint is provisioned the Network operator mutate the endpoint object with a list of all the hosts of the network and move the endpoint object to L2-Agent-Ready state. The L2Agent operator watches for endpoints in this state, and program all the OVS in the relevant hosts with the appropriate flow-rules to ensure connectivity.