Release 0.1 (09/30/2019)

This release includes:

  • A basic implementation of data plane and a mini controller;
  • Create and deletion of VPC/subnet/ports objects.
  • Initial automated test and deployment scripts.

Release 0.5 (12/30/2019)

This release continues to build features for scenario #1 while support scenario #2:

  • Performance improvement.
  • CNI plugin for Mizar.
  • Other integration work with Kubernetes.
  • Neutron plugin for Mizar.
  • Scaled endpoint.

Release 0.7 (04/30/2020)

This release continues to build features for scenario #1 and #2, and adds support for scenario #3:

  • Network policy support for Kubernetes.
  • Fast Path.
  • Security group.
  • Network ACL.
  • Routing Table and Inter-VPC routing.

Release 1.0 (08/30/2020)

This release marks a relatively-complete experience for scenarios #1-#4. But lots of X features or integration work may still not be done, like integration with SNAT/DNAT, LBs, floating IPs, etc.

  • Auto-scale transit switches and transit routes.
  • Hardware offloading.
  • Monitoring and telemetry.
  • Live migration and live update.
  • Improved deployment and configuration experience.